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In the modern era, the majority of individuals rely on search engines like Google when they are prepared to make a purchase. They conduct searches for products or services and base their purchasing decisions on the displayed results.

If your business does not rank highly in the search results, it will remain hidden from your target customers; in fact research shows that over 93% of online experiences begin with a single search.

Nearly 60% of marketers claim that SEO generates most of their sales.

Search Engine Optimization stands alone.

Among all marketing strategies, SEO is unparalleled in bringing in more visitors who ultimately convert into customers.

Undoubtedly, paid ads and email marketing play crucial roles in business growth.

However, if you neglect the integration of SEO into your comprehensive growth strategy, you are inadvertently forfeiting a significant portion of potential revenue and growth opportunities. By not leveraging the power of SEO, you are potentially excluding your business from the vast pool of online users actively searching for products or services similar to what you offer. These individuals, who rely on search engines as their primary means of discovery, may never come across your business if it does not appear prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs).


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SEO Strategies

When you first sign up for our SEO Services we conduct keyword research. What this does is help us come up with a strategy on what keywords are the most searched for in your industry. Once we complete our research we are able to come up with data driven content that can produce results.

Technical SEO is the process of helping Search Engines identify the content that's on the website. It comes down to using helpful tools that summarize the information being displayed on the site. Learn how we implement Technical SEO Marketing

Since Google launched the helpful content update content creation is extremely beneficial for website rankings. Therefore, creating content that fills in the gap to what users are searching is important. 

Link building helps build authority for keywords that a website is trying to rank for. By building interlinks or backlinks a website can show that it's a reliable source of information for keywords or topics it's trying to rank for. 

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Jonah Creatives Reviews

Michael Ares
Michael Ares
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If there's one person that I know who understands SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that would be Alfredo! After creating my photography website, I was at a lost on how to grow my photo business. Alfredo helped me figure out how my website could work for me. Placing the appropriate titles, H1 and H2 tags, schema, alt text and file naming for starters, he's been able to place me and my photo business on the 1st page of Google in some areas for my business. There's a wedding client who messaged me to ask my rates. Since I'm based in Whittier, and she lives in Riverside, I asked how she discovered me. She said, "I just googled California Photographer and Videographer and you were one of the first ones that popped up!" This would not have happened without Alfredo's assistance and I urge any business to reach out to him if you'd like to see success in booking more clients.
Rachel Hernandez
Rachel Hernandez
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I set up our church website on wix but it was Alfredo that helped our church web presence be known. As someone who knows nothing about internet marketing Alfredo was very patient with helping me understand the process and explaining how we can continue to expand digitally. If anyone is in need of internet marketing services, look no further because Alfredo Gomez is your guy 🙂
Adrienne Butler
Adrienne Butler
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This company helped me and my business so much! The owner is very knowledgeable about SEO, web design, and all of the backend things that a small business like mine really needs to grow. I also appreciated the ease of communication and friendliness of their employees; working with Jonah Creatives has been a very personal experience, and if I ever have a question, I can reach out and they always get back to me quickly. Overall I would recommend this company to anyone trying to grow their business!
Narinder Kumar (NK)
Narinder Kumar (NK)
Read More
I really appreciate Jonah creatives for there hard work in order to build my kumars auto detailing llc business and his great quality of work. The owner is very fast and reliable for his services definitely will tell other clients regarding his services.

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